INNOSENS Corporate Event 8 April

Great news!

We proudly present the fruits of our team’s efforts –

Our baby shower took place on April 8th, 2016 during the ‘INNOSENS corporate event’ at Red Loft It was an excellent party in a magnificent setting!

We could count on the presence of numerous customers who enjoyed Katrien’s speech, an emotional account of the process of growth during the last year and the expression of her gratitude to all people who helped her realise this.

Furthermore, Katrien gave some background on the new website, a set-up that clearly expresses what INNOSENS stands for: innovation and entrepreneurship as key elements, while allowing freedom of action and creation of new possibilities for further development. INNOSENS’ strength lies in co-creation and with the belief that everyone should enjoy the benefits it can bring, the intention is to radiate this new business model among our customers as well.

When climbing a mountain, excellent teamwork, a clear goal and a good plan are of major importance to reach the top.

In this sense, our guests could enjoy our speaker of the evening, Wim Smets – a mountaineer and inspiring man – who gave an account of how he reached an 8,000 meter top and how the experiences one acquires can be as essential in business life as well. As an IT-er, specialised in change management, Wim Smets was the ideal man to enlighten us with the parallels between running a business and climbing a mountain. According to Wim: “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.” … and thus we continue moving forward…

The delicious snacks and drinks were produced by Foodsie

The exhilarating music was mixed for you by DJ Foxie & the elasti[k] legs

Quite a few people did not turn up, so we decided to donate their food to the homeless project Poverello It was delivered to them the same evening.

Finally, we would like to thank the people at Everest Law for their kind financial contribution to our event –

Some quotes of our guests:

Great location, excellent food!”

“I suddenly felt like climbing a mountain myself.”

“Our appreciation for Katrien has even increased. She touched me with her speech!”

“Glad to see that people actually mean something at Innosens, and not only their team, but their customers as well. Thank you!”

“Great party, nice food and music. It took me back to my youth. Great times!”

“I felt appreciated as a customer. I love INNOSENS’ approach!”

The entire INNOSENS team hopes to welcome you on our next event!



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