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Innosens provides advanced services based on market access consulting on the Belgian pharmaceutical market. In the pharmaceutical industry, both technical and emotional aspects affect the strategy of a pharmaceutical company. Innosens likes to combine both aspects to provide a high quality pharmaceutical market access consulting service.

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Early Access Program as a service

An early access program to medicines in Belgium is useful when a specific drug is not yet available to one or more patients who suffer from a chronic or serious illness and cannot be satisfactorily treated via any existing health care pathways.

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Managed Entry Agreements (MEA)

A Managed Entry Agreement (MEA) is a confidential arrangement between a manufacturer and payer/provider that enables access to (coverage/reimbursement of) a health technology subject to specified conditions.

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BeNeLuxA(Ir) as a service

BeNeLuxA(Ir) is a joint negotiation procedure for timely and affordable access to very specific innovative drugs in Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria and Ireland. This can be applied with complex and rare (innovative) medicines, with a higher cost per patient and a relatively high budget impact.

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