Case study

Market Access Landscape and Feasibility Analysis for reimbursement in Belgium of a new product

Client Situation

The client wanted to understand the P&R opportunity and feasibility of launching a novel molecule in combination with some drug interventions that were already present in the Belgium market.

In a further stadium the client wanted to be guided during the preparation of the P&R dossier and to be advised during the P&R process in Belgium.

Innosens Consulting Solution

  • Development of a slide kit covering the Belgian reimbursement system and procedure, the treatment landscape and pathway, the current (and future) reimbursement landscape (status and price) of drug interventions, value (= strengths, weaknesses and gaps) of the new drug from the payers perspective, market access challenges to foreseen and possible P&R scenarios for reimbursement application with base and best case timing for launch.
  • Interviews with payer experts from the Belgian health care institute (RIZIV/INAMI) and KOLs from primary and specialist care.
  • Development of comprehensive actionable insights and recommendations based on critical analysis of the country-specific market access landscape. During further strategic meetings guidance was given with regard to appropriate positioning and value proposition and final advice with regard to price and reimbursement.
  • In a further stadium once final decisions had been made, development of a strategic document covering all final strategic reimbursement topics for the new drug (i.e. value class for application, positioning and proposal for reimbursement and price, target population calculation and first estimation of budget impact) that served as the basis for the preparation of the Belgian P&R file.

Client Value

  • Comprehensive view of payer perceptions, opportunities, and barriers based on disease landscape, product value, and place in the treatment algorithm
  • Understanding of potential tensions between clinical and payer perspectives; insights into likelihood of potential P&R scenarios
  • Indicative pricing corridor for the full indication and/or possible subgroups, and required supporting evidence