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When the future cannot be predicted by the trends and trajectories of the past, we must deal with situations as they evolve. The greater the emerging complexity, the less we can rely on past experiences. We need a new approach

– one that builds on sensing, presencing, and prototyping emerging opportunities. … We should describe sensing as the view from ‘within’  
– a perception that begins to take shape when we begin to feel and sense the whole field.

It is usually accompanied by increased energy and a shift to a ‘deeper place’. Presencing… is the state we experience when we have opened our minds, our hearts and our intentions or wills and can, as a result, view things from source. It allows us to connect and move with emerging new realities and rapid change that cannot be addressed by reflecting on past experiences. Prototyping follows the crystallizing stage, or the stage when we actually develop a sense of the future that wants to emerge. Prototyping means to explore the future by doing, and builds on a practical integration of the head, heart and hand. It very quickly creates practical results that can then generate feedback and suggestions for improvement. By all key stakeholders of the system at issue. (From: Theory U, Otto Scharmer)