Early Access Program

An early access program to medicines in Belgium is useful when a specific drug is not yet available to one or more patients who suffer from a chronic or serious illness and cannot be satisfactorily treated via any existing health care pathways. In Belgium, two types of early access program exist: the Compassionate Use (CU) and Medical Need Program (MNP). Innosens will define which program is justified for your product and can provide you all the necessary support in the process and the application.

Every country has different regulations and can cause confusion to suppliers of pharmaceutical products. Therefore, it is to be advised to make use of the services of a local expert who can guide you through the application process. Innosens has years of experience in market access and is up to date on all the details in both Early Access Programs in Belgium. This makes it possible for Innosens to provide reliable advice for its clients and makes sure pharmaceutical organizations have a bigger chance of successfully applying for their drug to the matching Early Access Program.

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