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Early Access Program

Innosens provides advanced consultancy services based on EAP on the Belgian pharmaceutical market.

Early Access Program

Managed Entry Agreements (MEA)

Innosens provides advanced consultancy services based on MEA on the Belgian pharmaceutical market.



Innosens has great knowledge on the BeNeLuxA(Ir) initiative and has a broad network to share with its clients.


More information about what Innosens can mean for your business

Innovative healthcare consultancy

Organizational structure innovation and new workflow processes can make significant differences in reaching company goals. Innosens can help you to create these new workflow processes by setting up targeted plan and supporting to achieve these company goals.

Change management and transition strategies

With a creative approach we provide guidance in the change of structure, business processes and the use of resources for individuals as well as teams and complete organizations.

Employee coaching

We support your employees’ full potential through counselling, mentoring and consistent feedback. We can make a complete program that suits perfectly by the expansion of your employees.

Here’s already 10 things that Innosens can help you with, that will tremendously change your market access department for the better:

Innovative healthcare consultancy:

  1. Market access procedures
  2. How to compile a complete a pricing & reimbursement dossier
  3. Strategic decision making
  4. Negotiations with the RIZIV and other relevant stakeholders
  5. Health economic analyses
  6. Practical tasks with implementing market access plans and follow-up of the procedures

Change management and transition strategies:

  1. Recommendations for the optimal transition and organizational changes based on analyses on structure, processes and people.

The employee coaching focuses on:

  1. Bringing everyone’s unique skills and talents to the surface.
  2. Getting the most out of cross-functional tasks and developing efficiency in a team.
  3. Learning when to use your intuition in case of information overload

Innosens provides innovative insight, by providing broad as well as practical support on the way of letting people grow to being their best selves.

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